1. The cost of registration will be paid in Colombian pesos
    • Registration for internal speakers: $337,500 COP
    • Registration of external speakers: $450,000 COP
    • Attendee registration: $112,500 COP
    • EAN student registration: $50,000 COP
      Note 1: The internal speakers are students, graduates or professors of the Ean University, the International University Foundation of La Rioja or the National Learning Service – SENA
      Note 2: For speakers, the registration fee includes the presentation certificate and the option for their document to be included in the ICPM 2022 reports, which will be published in IEEE Xplore with Scopus indexing.
      Note 3: For attendees, the rate includes the certificate of attendance.
  1. After the payment was made, the Ean University sent the corresponding invoice to the email specified in the digital payment form.
  2. Please fill out the digital payment form completely. Check that the data is correct. In the «ORDEN DE MATRICULA» field, enter the number of your identification document again.

Click on the PAYMENT button to continue with the payment